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A quick word from Byrd...

To all involved in the music industry, it is a struggle. A struggle in which progress made is guarded,
prided, and processed. Bands survive almost always on their will to make their music better.

Sutter's Band was formed by a group of men with a dream to fill the air with fine
music. A North Carolina product spawned in the country outside of Grifton, Sutter's has travelled
countless miles on a regional basis exposing itself to every kind of person. The band feels and hopes it
has left a trail of content to its much appreciated and often loved audiences.

Sutter's Gold Streak Band was formed during a period when country was king. With the move of
many to a more rock-oriented beat as in (disco), Sutter's bowed ever so gracefully to encompass
the new fashion of beat while keeping its roots firmly planted in the "country side of life." The term
"country rock and roll" covers a lot of music, and also covers Sutter's spectrum.

Sutter's track record shows it has pleased everything from hush puppies to cowboy boots and stacked heels.
The band has been involved in concert billings with: Brownsville Station, Iron Butterfly, Amazing Rhythm Aces,
Doug Kershaw, Cowboy, 38 Special, Winters Brothers, David Allen Coe, McKendrie Springs, Doc Holliday, Grinderswitch,
Rich Mountain Tower, Wet Willie & King Cotton and is most proud of it's concerts with N.C. bands Super Grit, Nantucket,
Kalabash Corporation, Brice Street & Jessie Bolt! Sutters has particular appeal in a concert setting,
and can also go indoors and leave club owners and their patrons elated.

--George Byrd, circa ~1977

Sutter's Photo History


Pre-Ezrah Storm-Sutters
Tom Jones shirts galore!
(Left to Right) Grier "C-Boy" Crawford, Harold Quidley, George Byrd, DeOren Worley, Robert Cox


"Not My Day" and "Rain in the House"


The first formal announcement of Sutter's Gold Streak Band formation, 1974.


This was the first Sutter's promo photo taken in Nagshead, NC in 1974.
(Left to Right) George Byrd, Jimmy Papp, Dale "Kid Colt" Pennington, Lynn Parker, Grier 'C-Boy" Crawford, Larry Burge


Sutter's, Atlantic Beach, NC, 1976.


Carolina Springtime Concert promo, 1976.


(Left to Right) Lynn Parker, Dale "Kid Colt" pennington, Clarence "Moon" Munden, Grier "C-Boy" Crawford, Jimmy Papp, George Byrd


Butch Trucks (Allman Bros.)
with Sutter's at Atlantic Beach, 1977.


Bruce 'Truck Roadie" Ferguson (with hat), stage and guitar tech.
Hanging with Argett, Hotrod, and Haba Jebe Hartley, circa 1978


George Byrd and Greg Allman at Art Stock's Playpen in Ft. Lauderdale FL, 1978


(Left to Right) Tommy Hartley, Jimmy Papp, Grier Crawford, Moose DeVillo at Arthur Smith Studios, 1979.


Righteous brothers? Everly brothers? No, Bubba brothers!


Recorded "Love Sick Blue" at Arthur Smith Studios in 1979.


Grier "C-Boy" Crawford at Arthur Smith Studios, 1979.


Shucks, how did he get in that little box?


Dale 'Kid Colt" Pennington, 1979, Arthur Smith Studios.


Sutter's Promo Photo, 1979.


(Left to Right) Grier "C-Boy' Crawford, Clarence "Moon" Munden, George Byrd, John Caldwell, Tommy Hartley, Dale 'Kid Colt" Pennington


Sutter's Gold Streak Band performs at an outdoor concert in Virginia Beach, VA, 1979.


Mr. Dennis Stillson, friend and manager, RIP brother.


Look fer it!
Mr. John Hamilton Thibaut, 1980, Friend and Manager


(Left to Right) Grier "C-Boy" Crawford, Clarence "Moon" Munden, George Byrd, Bobby "Crow" Richardson, Tommy Hartley


Concert Promo for a show performed at the Attic in Greenville, NC, 1981.


Sutter's Reunion Tour, 1982, Hampton Roads, VA


Sutters Reunion Tour, 1982, Elizabeth City, NC


Tommy, Moon, and George, Sutters Reunion Tour, 1982 Elizabeth City, NC


Are those disco pants?
George sings in Atlantic Beach, NC circa 1983.


Frank Devillo, lighting technician, RIP brother.


Fishing with Captain Moon in Nags Head!
(Left to Right) Mike Locicero, Jeff McSorely, George Byrd, Captain Moon


You got any fat back meat on dat dare sandwich dare, Bubba?
Jim "Scrote" Kelly, Lighting Technician, ~2011.


These are the various musicians that played
with Sutter's throughout the years.


Thanks to all our roadies!